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Rashaad Penny: Worst first-pick of the John Schneider era

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rashaad Penny entered the game on Saturday against the Denver Broncos as one of the premier players to watch for the Seattle Seahawks.

He left with six touches and a 1.6 yards per carry average.

I do not care about the backup offensive line or anything of the sort; Alex Collins more than doubled Penny’s effectiveness against Denver.

What this means for both Pete Carroll’s depth chart and for Penny is unclear. It’s certainly not good, and it’s probably really bad. For Penny. If someone is either an Alex Collins fan or perhaps Collins himself, it is quite good.

It’s also probably time to take the sticker off this city’s favorite punching bag for the past seven years and relocate it.

Germain Ifedi was a better first-round pick than Rashaad Penny, and it’s not even close.

Seattle’s first selection in the 2016 draft, Ifedi has earned the reputation as a wasted, if not the worst, first-round pick for a long time, from experts such as michael0879245 on Twitter. He’s been a laughing stock, and an easy scapegoat on the offensive line.

He’s also a pretty good offensive lineman in the NFL.

The team’s first selection in 2018, Rashaad Penny has had a single-digit amount of good games in three years, and has done absolutely nothing to show improvement this preseason.

The process

Take an offensive tackle in the first round because they matter. Do not take a running back because the internet is still undecided on this point, oh and also because you have Christopher Carson.

One point, Ifedi.

The development

After his rookie season, Ifedi became an every-game starter. Penny has gone from 14 games to 10, to three. Zero official starts.


The production

Ifedi had 60 games started over four years in Seattle, with an average Approximate Value per Pro Football Reference of 7.75.

Penny has appeared in 27 games for the Seahawks in three years. His average AV is 2.3.

Saturday night was an infuriating deja vu of Penny hitting the line with mediocre commitment and proving that his vision is inadequate. He gained four of his eight yards on one carry, meaning he had four carries for four yards otherwise. Seattle has been tied to a running back who’s most frequent result for four years has been a one yard run. That’s not first-round talent. It’s not even RB2 talent on this team, potentially, probably, and hopefully - unless something changes.

And it’s a far cry short of what Germain Ifedi meant to this club.