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Jamal Adams on pace to be the All-Time leader in sacks among DB’s this season

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Yes, you read that headline right. According to The Film Room’s Brett Kollmann’s Tweet, Jamal Adams is already 6th all-time for sacks by a defensive back. While I guess it is not that surprising considering his time spent in the slot and as a linebacker, what is really surprising is that if he repeats his 2020 season he will break the all-time record this upcoming season as he is only 9 sacks away.

Adams has 21.5 sacks in his 4-year career, 9.5 of them from last season with the Seattle Seahawks who were in need of QB pressure wherever they could get it. No one else in that listed top 10 for sacks by a DB are anywhere close to the small number of games that Adams has played at only 58 games, with Roman Harper (10th with 18 sacks) at 156 games being the closest.

Just wanted to bring this interesting stat to everyone's attention, now back to your regularly scheduled debate on positional value, the use of draft picks, the efficiency of paying a safety $17.5M per year or whatever other Jamal Adams inspired debate this post interrupted.