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Seahawks snap counts from 30-3 preseason loss vs. Broncos

NFL: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Although last night was a night we’d probably all like to forget, we did learn a lot about a number of players looking to find their niche on the roster. It’s worth seeing what players are able to do with their snaps, so here are the snap counts for Preseason Week 2:

One standout who got the opportunity to showcase his skills with a high snap count on Saturday night was T Jake Curhan (41% offensive snaps, 5% special teams snaps). While the play behind Curhan and the offensive line wasn’t amazing, Curhan shone, receiving the highest PFF grade of any Seahawks player last night (85.0).

Unfortunately, there were also players who got a lot of snaps yet did not make much of them. Just like last week against the Raiders, TE Dom Wood-Anderson (55% offensive snaps) struggled, committing penalties often. Wood-Anderson was promptly released on Sunday.

Finally, one player who I had hoped to see more of was Gavin Heslop (18% defensive snaps, 19% special teams snaps). Heslop was arguably the Seahawks’ best corner against Las Vegas and has definitely earned his right to significant playing time in the preseason. Here’s to hoping he sees more time than Wood-Anderson does in the final game against the Chargers.