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Quandre Diggs wants a new contract

Seattle Seahawks v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks recently made Jamal Adams the highest paid safety in the known history of the recorded universe, while at the same time working to navigate a hold in by left tackle Duane Brown. Brown, is set to play the 2021 season on the final year of the three year contract extension he signed during training camp in 2018, and it turns out that he’s not the only member of the team who is set on wanting a new contract.

So, it turns out that if you make a safety acquired via trade in 2020 the highest paid safety in football, that it’s possible that Quandre Diggs, the safety acquired by trade in 2019, might also want a new contract.

Thus, while Seattle has so far extended Poona Ford, Tyler Lockett and Adams this offseason, Diggs has now seen his teammates securing their financial future and is not interested in doing the same for himself. How this will turn out with the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts scheduled for just sixteen days from today is anybody’s guess, but what is clear to see is that the players have come to understand that the team apparently won’t punish those who refuse to practice while asking for a new contract.