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2021 Seahawks Training Camp Day 6 on-site report: Undrafted and new guys dominate at VMAC

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

“Russell Wilson! He’s the guy we like!”
- From a random guy behind me when Wilson came out of the VMAC

Allow me to echo our great fanpost from NewbornAndSalted and say that Seattle Seahawks training camp remains a great day out! There’s still tickets available for four practices and the mock game.

It’s an amazing facility, they got hype guy Chris* doin hype stuff with Michael Bumpus, Blitz is throwing footballs to kids and making fun of adults, and Starbucks is giving away nitro cold brew!**
*might not be Chris
**suggested donation $2

Unlike Field Gulls brief ascension into the Media Booth at XFL Dragons games, these weren’t media passes. I was here on the same $12 tickets anybody with an email address can get - and should!! Meaning, I can’t see enough to provide as good an analysis as your favorite radio program on site.

Still, saw some cool stuff.

Things that were good!

Russell Wilson was gracious enough to hang out right in front of us for the bulk of quarterback warm ups and drills. It’s a completely boring drill that reveals nothing.

However, quarterbacks two, three, and four threw to their coaches, while Wilson brought DK Metcalf and new TE Gerald Everett away from the receiver group to do personal work with them. This was a real treat, and was the first time seeing Everett in Seattle pads. First thing I noticed was he seemed like a real hands guy. He was catching everything, but letting very little into his body.

Beyond that, he’s a confident route runner and super strong.

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Aashari Crosswell is a name you’ve likely not heard before. He had a big day.

It’s one of those days, and Crosswell is the type of player, that ends in either a surprise roster or practice squad position, or a Kasen Williams type training camp heartbreak. That might be overstating it, but defensive backfield is where Pete Carroll has simply loved playmakers,

None of the UDFA made the team last year, though WR Aaron Fuller did land on the practice squad and is still around in camp this year.

Before that, however, 2019 signee Bryan Mone is still with the team in a very significant way, and then obviously Poona Ford has been the biggest undrafted success since Doug Baldwin.

Things that were funny!

Quandre Diggs was not messing around. I’d heard he already has been playing lighting fast this camp, and got to see some of it. My favorite was on the same DB drills from above, a ball got caught in front of him and Diggs immediately went for the strip, successfully. I’m not sure if that’s a traditional part of the drill, but whoever it was got absolutely twisted as Diggs wrenched the ball 20 yards away.

On the first of too many offensive fumbles during scrimmage, the excitement from the defense was amusing. This team, after all these years, still upholds the Pete Carroll ball is life philosophy, and the celebration was immediate. Even better, within about three seconds Carroll himself was - I kid you not - at the pile, pulling guys off to try to get in there and see who got the ball. The guy won’t quit and it’s hilarious.

Despite his experience, Everett was still unprepared for a sideline desecration by Marquise Blair. The safety put an unexpected but enjoyable flattening on Everett that was a really nice sight to see, considering Blair didn’t play last year and is about half Everett’s size.

Jamal Adams. I don’t know what jokes he was telling, but dudes were laughing.

Things that were....Seahawks!

Not trying to start anything here, I’m just the messenger. But the first play of full scrimmage, first team, Russell Wilson under center, Shane Waldron and the gang: delay of game. By probably 10-15 seconds.

The play?

Run behind left tackle, two yard loss.

I am fully not expecting this to be the norm based on the rest of what I saw, but man did it feel good to watch some Seahawks football for the first time this year!!

I saw an entire drive with Benson Mayowa / Aldon Smith as edge rushers against first team. Possibly first team, they weren’t strictly consistent on this.

Lots of excitement. Excitement on defense, excitement for a Gerald Everett touchdown, excitement when some guy named Cameron Scarlett hit some other guy really hard. But the team loves to compete and that’s always fun.

On his first pass, QB2 Geno Smith missed TE3 Colby Parkinson about a foot high (hard to do) and Parkinson didn’t even jump (weird start).

Speaking of Geno Smith, on an endzone play during final scrimmage, Smith overthrew whoever it was by at least 40 feet. The receiver was in the front corner of the endzone and Smith’s throw approached the VMAC building itself.

He’s not good. We hold this truth to be both self-evident and, hopefully, inconsequential. Go Russ.

Things that were fast!

Finally, and probably the most encouraging sight of the day.

Hurry. Up. Offense.

It finally happened!! Ladies and gentlemen I am here to tell you that there is the smallest chance under perfect circumstances if Pete Carroll hasn’t forgotten or run out onto the field, if personnel is right, and the opponent isn’t winning or paying any attention, that the Seattle Seahawks might have some hurry up options on offense.

Truth be told though it was awesome. Wilson threw some 15 yard first down to Tyler Lockett, and with 33 seconds on the play clock he hit Will Dissly for a touchdown on the next play.

I’m not asking you to believe in Shane Waldron. I’m just asking you to give him a chance.