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Sean Mannion’s Seahawks contract details revealed

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Last week we heard the news that the Seattle Seahawks had signed QB Sean Mannion to a one-year contract. This was a move that made sense because of Mannion’s past relationship as a backup QB in the Rams offense under brand new Seahawks offensive coordinator, Shane Waldron. We also learned a few days ago that Mannion was brought in, not to compete with Geno Smith, rather third-string practice squad-er Alex McGough.

On Friday, ESPN’s Brady Henderson revealed the details of Mannion's new contract with Seattle.

Mannion’s contract is broken down as a one-year $1,127,500 contract with $20,000 guaranteed at signing plus a few other incentives related to being on the active roster. Henderson also touched on the cap situation with backup Geno Smith and Mannion saying that “Smith and Mannion have near-identical cap numbers, so it’s not about potentially getting cheaper, either.”

With the new practice squad rules from last year, Mannion can be a member of the practice squad as a veteran. Because of Pete Carroll’s comments, it looks likely that Mannion will not end up making all of his incentives and will end up on the practice squad as the third option behind fellow NFL vets Geno Smith and, of course, Russell Wilson.