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Cade Johnson, 25 others, clear waivers

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Tuesday the Seattle Seahawks made the moves necessary for the team to come into compliance with the league requirement to be at 53 players prior to 4 PM New York time. The team released or waived 29 players in dropping to 52 on the roster, with the addition of Sidney Jones yet to be processed putting the team at the limit once that processing is complete.

Many of the moves have led to grumblings and concern from fans who fear their favorite player may not clear waivers and may wind up a superstar elsewhere in the NFL. Some of the loudest complaints have been regarding wide receiver Cade Johnson, cornerback Gavin Heslop and others.

But, with the waiver deadline having passed, the following players have cleared waivers:

  • RB Josh Johnson
  • TE Tyler Mabry
  • TE Cam Sutton
  • TE Ian Bunting
  • WR Penny Hart
  • WR Darece Roberson
  • WR Connor Wedington
  • WR Travis Toivonen
  • WR Cody Thompson
  • WR Aaron Fuller
  • WR Cade Johnson
  • T Tommy Champion
  • OL Greg Eiland
  • C Brad Lundblade
  • G Jared Hocker
  • C Pier-Olivier Lestage
  • DT Jarrod Hewitt
  • DT Myles Adams
  • LB Lakiem Williams
  • LB Jon Rhattigan
  • LB Aaron Donkor
  • CB John Reid
  • CB Gavin Heslop
  • CB Will Sunderland
  • S Josh Moon
  • S Aashari Crosswell

For those fans paying attention, that’s all of them.

In addition, Robert Nkemdiche, Jordan Simmons and Damarious Randall were not subject to waivers and have been free agents since being released by the Seahawks on Tuesday. With the 2020 CBA expanding practice squad eligibility, all players, regardless of experience, are eligible for the practice squad, which the Seahawks are likely to put together late in the day Wednesday.