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Quandre Diggs expects to return to practice, play against the Colts

Los Angeles Chargers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I have absolutely no clue what Seattle was doing with the initial 53-man roster, what with carrying 3 QBs, 4 WRs, and 5 RBs ... ? But this bit of news about Quandre Diggs ... this I can make sense out of.

Let’s start with the ESPN headline: Quandre Diggs eager to return to Seattle Seahawks’ practice, once safety finalizes a ‘little business’.

When I first saw that in my newsfeed, I thought, “The Hawks are adding some incentives to his contract and/or guaranteeing some (or all) of this year’s salary.” I mean, that’s reportedly what they’re looking at doing with Duane Brown (aka getting ‘creative’) so it made sense.

Then I read the article.

There are a lot of quotes ... most of which seem to be Diggs talking in a big ol’ circle.


“I would just say I had a couple things that I had to get cleared up for myself business-wise just like the team, business-wise, they have stuff that they have to do. ... “It was just something I had to do to protect myself just as the team protects themselves. I’ve got a family to feed also, so I had to make the best decision for me. Like I said, I wouldn’t say it was a statement. I’m grateful to be here and I tell you guys that all the time. I’m grateful to be here. I’m blessed to be a Seahawk. So for me, I just think it was — I wouldn’t say a reset but it was some things that I needed to patch up on my end to get figured out.”

My interpretation: The team is treating this like a business decision and so is Diggs, but he likes it here and wants to stay ... the media can spin that however they want.

At this point, I was sensing that something was different - that Diggs was taking the polar opposite approach of Duane Brown.

So I read on ... and came across these two quotes:


“The little business thing that I’ve got to do, as soon as it’s done, signed, sealed and delivered, I’ll be back at practice,”


“Everybody wants to have that opportunity where you’re gratified and for me it would have been special. It would have been my third deal, but I’m blessed to be on my second deal and I make good money so like I said, I’m grateful and hopefully things can get worked out and if not, then we’ll move on and we’ll continue to just focus on the season.”

My interpretation: One - Diggs is a smart man; he is getting an insurance policy. Two - Diggs is willing to play out his current contract, but the Hawks might not like his asking price after the season; if not, he’s willing to move on.

It’s worth noting that I might be reading a little too much into that since he ends with “we’ll continue to focus on this season.” He might just be saying that he still wants an extension and hopes it happens soon. But I don’t really think that’s the case.

I think that, like with Duane Brown, the team wants to wait until after the season to sign a new contract. I think they have made that very clear.

I also can’t help but think that it’s a mistake by the team to take this approach with a guy who epitomizes what Pete Carroll wants at the position. I mean, the guy injected life into our defense when we acquired him and he has 8 interceptions in 21 regular season games as a Seahawk! What more does he have to do?

Next year is a whole year away though and this year is what currently matters ... Right? If so, this is the most important thing that Quandre Diggs said:

“I doubt it”

The question he was asked was if there was any chance that he would not be on the field come Week 1.

My interpretation: Quandre Diggs is going to play out his contract and will be on the field when the Seahawks take on the Colts on September 12th.