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Injury Update: Dee Eskridge out of game with a concussion

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s midway through the fourth quarter and the Seattle Seahawks continue to maintain the double digit lead over the Indianapolis Colts they took in the first half. The 21-10 lead was built on the arm of Russell Wilson, but the offense has stumbled some in the second half, punting several times and turning it over once on a Chris Carson fumble.

Things appeared to have changed midway through the fourth quarter when Wilson connected with DK Metcalf on a 30 yard pass, but the mood immediately changed following an end around to rookie second round pick Dee Eskridge, who suffered a concussion upon being tackled.

It appeared as though he banged his head on the turf while coming down, and went into a fencer’s posture, often indicative of a concussion. Field microphones immediately picked up those around Eskridge telling him to stay down, while refs immediately blew the whistle for an injury timeout.

This is a fluid situation and will be updated as new reports emerge.