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Josh Gordon completes treatment program, awaiting reinstatement

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks opened the 2021 NFL season with a comfortable double digit victory on the road over the Indianapolis Colts to keep pace with the rest of the NFC West division. However, in the process of securing the victory, the Seahawks lost two of the five wide receivers on the active roster to concussions, with both Penny Hart and Dee Eskridge leaving the game and entering league concussion protocols.

That immediately led to speculation among fans that the Hawks could turn to their practice squad in Week 2 when they face the Tennessee Titans. Speculation was that if either Hart or Eskridge is unavailable, the team could turn to Cody Thompson, Aaron Fuller or Cade Johnson, however Tuesday afternoon a new name has now entered the fray.

Josh Gordon, of course, is currently a free agent after having been released by the Seahawks in the offseason, following the revocation of his conditional reinstatement last year for failing to abide by the terms of that reinstatement. However, as Adam Schefter notes, the NFLPA has now recommended that Gordon be reinstated.

That recommendation is, of course, a meaningful step in the process, but nothing will happen until such a time as Roger Goodell actually signs off on Gordon’s reinstatement. That said, Gordon was a dangerous weapon during his first, brief stint with the Hawks, and a return could be in the works.