Wentz vs Wilson

We have all been reading about this amazing defensive line. We read that the Seahawks went out and acquired more depth on the offensive line. We all can see how well the offensive unit operated, scoring 28 points.

Alright. Those are great story lines. Let’s be adults, and let’s talk about the elephant in the room

Who was sacked more? RW, or CW?

Well… RW was at 3

CW was at… 3.

3*17=51 sacks in a year. Even if we compare it to a 16 game schedule that is 48 sacks in a year. RW’s career average is about 44 per 16 game season.

Ok. Let’s have some perspective. What is the most that Tom Brady has EVER been sacked in a season?


How many times was Tom Brady sacked this last week?


More hits means a shorter career.