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Russell Wilson has an interesting take on how to prevent overtime ties

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

On this past Monday’s Monday Night Football “ManningCast” on ESPN2 featuring Peyton and Eli Manning, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson made an appearance towards the end of the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens game and gave his thoughts on the NFL’s overtime rules.

First, Wilson stated his displeasure with the rules saying, “And then if nobody scores we end in a tie and everyone goes home? How terrible is that?” Then, Wilson caused a stir on social media with his idea to solve his issue with NFL regular-season games ending in a tie.

“I’ve got a crazy idea. Imagine this right here. Imagine we went through this whole thing, this 10-minute overtime, or whatever, nobody scored. You come back in for another coin toss. Do the coin toss. … The Raiders (One of the teams in Monday’s game) come out for a second coin toss, and they win it. So now you get to choose, for one kick — are we going to kick it, or are they going to kick It? You have to kick it from the 35, or maybe the 40” (Transcribed by Insider).

In other words, the kicker has one field goal attempt that determines a win or a loss.

Ties are still rare in the NFL but since the NHL moved to a regular season penalty shootout in 2005-06, it is the only league of the “Big Four” in North America (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) in which regular season matchups can end in a tie. Wilson has personal experience with a game ending in a tie, which funnily enough came as a result of both Stephen Hauschka and Chandler Catanzaro missing chip shot field goals in overtime.

Well, it’s an idea. A good one? Not so sure on that front.