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ESPN’s FPI sees Seahawks as 5th-best team in NFL moving forward

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A stellar and dominant performance on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts has sent the Seattle Seahawks flying up ESPN’s FPI leaderboard. After beginning the season in ninth, the Seahawks are now in fifth after one week. The ninth spot is now occupied by the San Francisco 49ers, who held off a furious rally by the Detroit Lions for a 41-33 road win. Here’s how the rest of the standings shake out:

It’s worth noting that after Week 1, all four NFC West teams are in the top 11 of the FPI rankings, with Seattle and the Rams both being in the Top 5. Ahead of Seattle is New Orleans, who humiliated Green Bay on Sunday, as well as the Rams, the Bucs, and the Chiefs.

The Seahawks’ next two matchups will be against Tennessee (22nd in FPI) and Minnesota (18th). Afterwards, though, the Seahawks face a true gauntlet based on this metric, taking on San Francisco (9th), the Rams (3rd), the Saints (4th), and the Steelers (15th and fresh off of a win in Buffalo).