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Notes from Seahawks press conference after collapse against Titans

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was disappointing. Despite opening a 15-point lead going into the half, the Seattle Seahawks promptly imploded, losing in overtime to the Tennessee Titans 33-30. After the game, Pete Carroll and a few key players spoke to the media. Here’s what you should know from what they had to say, starting with Coach Carroll, who kept things pretty short at his presser.

We also got candid reactions from Bobby Wagner and Tyler Lockett following the loss.

Russell Wilson also spoke about the offensive issues the team faced in the second half. After scoring 24 points in the first two quarters, the Seahawks only managed 6 the rest of the game, and those came from a Titans blown coverage.

Most candid of all (as usual) was Jamal Adams. He had a lot to say about what went wrong for the ‘Hawks.

Ending on a high note as we move in to Week 3, here is pretty much the only positive moment from the press conferences.