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Skol’ing With the Enemy hosts Field Gulls

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It’s Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season, and the Seattle Seahawks are on the road for the second time already in September. The first road trip ended with a win over the Indianapolis Colts and their former NFC East quarterback Carson Wentz, and now the Hawks are preparing to take on the Minnesota Vikings and their former NFC East quarterback Kirk Cousins.

In any case, earlier this week Field Gulls own John P. Gilbert joined Matt Falk on this week’s episode of Skoling with the Enemy to preview the game. The pair covered several subjects, including:

  • 9 winning seasons in a row, is Seattle’s window still open, any sign of falling off?
  • With a win over the Colts and a loss to the Titans, and now at 1-1 how have the Seahawks looked, pleased?
  • Looking at the Vikings offensive weapons, Thielen, Jefferson, Cook, Cousins ..... which scares you the most about taking advantage of the Seahawks defense?
  • How good is the Seahawks offensive line, we have a man named Danielle Hunter who hasn’t been very nice to opposing offensive lines.
  • What is Seattle’s big strength in 2021?
  • Where could the Vikings take advantage?
  • Vikings currently have a 7 game losing streak dating back to 2012 against Seattle ..... What is your confidence level heading into this Sunday?

And so, without wasting any further of your time, here is the where you can watch.

Or, if you prefer to skip straight to the YouTube embed, here that is.