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Three Seahawks fined for penalties committed in Titans game

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Three Seattle Seahawks plays will have some dough cut out of their paychecks this week for penalties accumulated against the Titans in Week 2.

D.J. Reed, who was flagged for a questionable taunting penalty, as well as Gabe Jackson, were both fined by the NFL on Saturday. Jackson owes just under $13,000, while Reed will pay just north of $5,000 for flexing in the general direction of an opponent.

This is certainly not pocket change for these two guys, and along with the focus the team has put on reigning in emotions during the press conferences this week, these fines should be ample dissuasion for players to really avoid such penalties in the future.

I’ve expressed my thoughts about the taunting rules on this website previously, as I’m sure some of you are aware, but the fact that D.J. Reed is being forced to pay even a dollar to the league for what he did is completely absurd. I really hope none of our other players have to deal with this sort of nonsense in the future, but I know it’s likely inevitable.

The biggest fine among Seahawks players was for safety Jamal Adams, whose overtime helmet contact roughing the passer penalty on Ryan Tannehill nullified a 3rd down stop. That’ll cost him $15,450.