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Seahawks defense leading the NFL in undisguised coverage through Week 3

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The headline may have been confusing as to what specific statistic is being referenced, but unsurprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks lead the league in playing the same coverage that they show pre-snap. Meaning if the ‘Hawks show two-high coverage prior to the snap, they are extremely likely to run a two-high shell after the snap. Likewise, if they show single-high, they very likely to run single high, etc.

On 92% of defensive plays, the Seahawks are playing the coverage that they show pre-snap, meaning that they are being extremely predictable, and yeah, this does not seem surprising. This is also yet another example of the poor scheming for the defense from Pete Carroll and Ken Norton in recent seasons.

I would love to know the Seahawks numbers in the same stat in years past, as I would imagine that it would be similar. This technique may have worked in the past, with the likes of Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Cary Williams DeShawn Shead in the the secondary, but the personnel of the current Seattle defense is simply not talented enough to get away with letting the offense know exactly what is coming.