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Seahawks defense on pace to set the same record they threatened last year

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are back!

Back to their 2020 record setting ways, on defense. After three weeks, Seattle is effectively one mid-level Tre Flowers target away from the same pace they began last year.

440 yards per game allowed is the worst in the NFL, but it’s not the worst for this unit.

Last season, the Seahawks opened up five straight wins with an even worse (not a typo) defense. At the time, they were allowing 471 yards per game which would have crushed the NFL record by 500 yards.

At the current rate of 440.3, Seattle is on pace to still set the record. No, not just because it’s a 17-game season. That average would give them - and you can’t make this up - 7,044.8 yards allowed this over 16 games, two yards more than the NFL record set in 2012.

In those games to begin last season, Russell Wilson put up 38 (twice), 35, 31, and 27 points. The offense has not surpassed 30 yet in a time when it has absolutely needed it.