Seahawks Vs. Vikings Game Review

Game review:

The Seahawks started the game hot, with a steady doses of DK Metcalf and Chris Carson. This was very encouraging after DK’s performance last week and how the Seahawks got away from Chris Carson. The Vikings responded extremely quickly and easily. In a drive where there were no 3rd downs, a second and 3 and 2nd and goal. This was a pre curser to what was going to happen the rest of the game. The Seahawks offense continued to roll pretty much the rest of the half, with a Chris Carson 30 yard TD run, a Jason Myers field goal as well as a missed field goal which ended his streak of 37 straight field goals. This was significant being it was the 4th longest streak in NFL history dating with his last regular season miss being week 9 of the 2019 season. However the defense continued with their lack luster performance in all phases of the defense. Letting the Vikings score a touchdown on all but 1 first half possession, which they got a 3 and out in. The defenses performance felt, looked and was so abysmal that the Seahawks once held a double digit lead in the 2nd quarter and by halftime of the game I felt like the game was out of our hands. The way the Vikings scored on their possession were just so easy and disheartening because it no touchdowns were on huge plays, just steady chunk plays of 10-20 yards. The worst play of the half being a 15 yard touchdown pass to Adam Theilen on a 3rd and 13.

The 2nd half the Vikings offense rolled and the Seahawks offense stalled out, which has been a theme early on in the season. Starting in the second quarter the Vikings scored 23 unanswered points. This was very tough to watch. The Vikings managed to get a lot of pressure in the 2H, getting a sack that killed our first drive, and the Seahawks didn’t get the ball back until the beginning of the fourth quarter! By this point the Seahawks had to abandon the run and the Defense was able to get a ton of pressure on Wilson knowing it was obvious passing situations and the play action being ineffective.

The game was pretty much over in the fourth quarter and really felt over at half with how had the defense was playing.