State of the Franchise

Given that Pete Carroll has shown that he is inept to make the necessary adjustments to keep pace with the current NFL, as well as Ken Norton just not being a good DC, including his time in Oakland, I believe it’s time for a major change. Russell Wilson has been carrying us for a while now, and it beginning to feel like we are wasting his prime years. I’m convinced that a new head coach and defensive coordinator is what is needed in Seattle. I just do not seeing any of these problems getting better. We could potentially band-aid them for a little and possibly even make the playoffs, but there are some philosophical changes that need to be made with the way we are coached and Pete is just not going to make them. The base defense, the deep deep zones, it’s just not going to work. It has been figured out by the rest of the league now, and what used to be a strength what feels like so long ago is a glaring weakness that I believe is beyond repair without someone new coming in. That being said, if someone like Joe Brady was able to come to Seattle, with a new DC that understands the new NFL I believe that we could dramatically improve.

What led to this.

1. Same philosophy, no change, got passed by in all phases.

2. Poor Drafting. Ifedi, McCdowell, Penny, Collier

3. Trades: Harvin, Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Jamal.

A weird comparison, but we could do something like the Warriors did after the 2013-14 Season. When they let go of Mark Jackson in favor of Steve Kerr. The Warriors had gone to the playoffs in back to back seasons for the first time under Jackson, their first 50 win season in 20 years, but Warriors management didn’t want to settle for good and instead wanted to be great and made the bold decision to get Kerr and the rest is history. I am scared without a bold move the Seahawks could end up losing Russell Wilson and that would be the only loss we could not recover from. The Seahawks are currently owned by Paul Allen’s Trust headed by his sister Jody Allen. I believe this ownership is content with things and does not want to rock the boat which is a bit frustrating and worrisome. Russell Wilson has been very vocal about wanting to win and wants to be in a place that provides him with the best chance to win, and it’s starting to feel as that isn’t Seattle. Pete Carroll, John Schnider or anyone else is not worth losing Russell Wilson over. I am fine keeping John Schneider even though his drafting and trades has also led us to the predicament. If he and Carroll are a package deal then so be it, we can get a new GM. But no matter what, I feel that this has to be Carroll’s final year. He had his run, it was amazing, but all good things must come to an end.