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Enter the Field Gulls Survivor League (if you dare!)

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

We’re in September now which means football season is here!

I know you all love a little competition, so let’s see who’s the best prognosticator among us in the 2021 Field Gulls Survivor League! If you’ve never taken part in a Survivor League competition aka you don’t know what it is, here’s a little primer.

The Rules

  • Each week you pick one team that you think is going to win their matchup. However, once you pick that team for that specific week you cannot use them again for the rest of the season. Example: Seahawks over Colts in Week 1, Seahawks win, but now you can’t pick the Seahawks again.
  • If the team you pick wins then you survive to the next week. If they lose or tie then you are eliminated and don’t get a second chance. Thanks for playing.
  • The winner is whoever is the last person standing. There is almost no way you are going to make it through all 18 weeks without tripping up.
  • Deadline to get your picks in is Sunday, so if you want to pick the Thursday game or a Saturday game that’s up to you to submit your entry sooner.

How to Enter

  • Go to and create an account (if you haven’t already).
  • Head to and search for “Field Gulls.”
  • Click “Join” and type in the password as written: 43to8
  • This isn’t mandatory but your Survivor League username should preferably match your Field Gulls username if you’re a community member.

After all of that you should be good!

Let’s have some fun.