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Bobby Wagner recovering from ‘minor knee procedure’

Seattle Seahawks v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Following the flurry of news on Wednesday that was the final roster announcements and the follow up signing of 14 players to the initial practice squad, a report surfaced indicating that All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner is recovering from a “minor knee procedure.” While the exact nature of the procedure was not specified, per Curtis Crabtree of NBC Sports, it was enough to keep him out of practice this week. However, this is supposedly similar to something that he goes through “every year,” according to Pete Carroll. Apparently, the recovery timetable should be minimal, and the defensive star should soon be back on the field.

And this brief but intense emotional roller coaster seems to have come to a graceful stop after all. Of course, injury news leading up to week one of the regular season is always concerning, especially so for a player as valuable as the Seahawks’ defensive captain. Fortunately, the team should expect to go into the season with their middle linebacker healthy and ready to enter his tenth year as a pro. And just for further assurance — if anybody is sweating it, Bobby Wagner certainly isn’t one of them.