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Seahawks have one of the most difficult remaining schedules in the NFL

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

After the Seahawks’ horrid losses the past two weeks, many of us (including myself) have comforted ourselves by remembering that there is a lot of season left. What we may have failed to realize, though, is that our remaining schedule is not favorable at all. Per ESPN’s Mike Clay, the Seahawks have the 10th-most difficult remaining schedule in the NFL.

Out of the Seahawks’ remaining games, six are against divisional opponents (all of which will be difficult). The Seahawks will also play the Saints and Packers outside of the division.

Despite the difficulty of the schedule, there are plenty of remaining opportunities to pick up easy wins against teams like Jacksonville, Houston, Detroit, Washington, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, who round out the rest of the Seahawks’ schedule.

The next two weeks figure to be a big test for the ‘Hawks. If they can manage to at least go 1-1 against San Francisco and the Rams, they will be set up for at least mild success in the division. Should they fall in both games, however, the team will be in serious trouble, and will likely need to beat both Green Bay and New Orleans to have a good shot at the postseason. It feels crazy to be saying all of this in Week 4, but. the Seahawks have put themselves in a very difficult position.