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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 1: Danny Kelly

The Ringer’s Danny Kelly joins Jacson and Mike in the Cigar Lounge to talk about Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, Richard Sherman signing with Tampa, and a look ahead to this week’s game against the 49ers.

It’s finally here, and we couldn’t have asked for a better debut. Danny Kelly, the legendary former managing editor of this site and current lead NFL writer for The Ringer, visits the Cigar Lounge to share his wisdom.

Many of you read the Cigar Thoughts column here every week and for that I am eternally grateful. One of the cool things about subscribing to this podcast is the extra content and added dimension you’ll receive that isn’t available in the articles.

Among the topics we discussed:

*The loss to the Vikings

*Is the defense fixable?

*Richard Sherman’s dalliance with the Seahawks and eventual signing with the Buccaneers

*How Seattle can beat the 49ers

There’s lots more in the debut episode, so listen and subscribe. If you like it, you can leave us a 5-star review, as that feedback means a ton to us and will help build momentum for this show as we move it forward.

Let’s get it!






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