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Season begins with doomsday power rankings for Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Well the NFL season is officially upon us, because NFL “experts” are looking at double-digit NFL teams and ranking them ahead of the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle has notoriously and relentlessly fared badly in the garden variety power rankings throughout the years. This week is no exception. In fact, it seems like it’s getting worse.

CBS remains the absolute king of this intentional oversight, and Pete Prisco is a ridiculous joke of an analyst at this point. Here’s the rankings, don’t click on it.

I’ll save you the trouble, he put the Seahawks as the 18th best team this year.

That would necessitate a fall from first to last in the division in one year, and also places them behind the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.

The best part of it is the little red down arrow 6 you see. Indicating that Seattle was higher in an earlier preseason poll, then after beating the San Diego Chargers 27-0 with essentially Darrell Taylor, Marquise Blair and Cody Barton alone, they fell six spots. threw their hat into the mix as well, forecasting win totals for each team. Once again, the NFC West is favored to have three playoff teams - and once again, that does not include Seattle.

To sum this up, here’s what this article that has a baffling non-math opening paragraph believes. The Seahawks:

  • Won 12 games last year
  • Did so without Jamal Adams for four of them
  • Upgraded at offensive line, tight end, and defensive line
  • Gained a new offensive coordinator
  • Are returning their top pass-rushing draft pick who excelled in preseason
  • Have an extra game this year

.....and therefore will finish around 9-8. Three and a half games worse than last year. I think a half, honestly this 17-game thing is going to mess with me all year.

But, this is what it means to root for this team. Get your “told you so” hat ready.

Go Hawks.