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Pete Carroll raves about ‘really good’ chemistry between Russell Wilson, Shane Waldron

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Las Vegas Raiders Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

When asked about what Seattle Seahawks fans will notice most about the difference between the 2021 and 2020 offenses, head coach Pete Carroll went for the obvious answer first, raving about new additions like Gabe Jackson, Gerald Everett, and Dee Eskridge, all of whom Carroll says Seattle signed with a very solid idea of their fit in Waldron’s scheme.

I’m thrilled to see all of those players on the field, as all of them are upgrades over their predecessors, but it’s what Carroll said next about the Seahawks’ offensive hive mind that has me most excited.

“[Russell Wilson and Shane Waldron’s relationship] is something I’ve been really excited about— that’s been really obvious, that there’s something going on there. There’s really good chemistry,” he said at Wednesday’s press conference.

He also had this little gem of a line that could make you giggle just a bit.

I don’t know about you all, but the idea that Waldron and Wilson have incredible chemistry with one another is so foreign to me, given his relationships with Bevell and Schottenheimer. This isn’t to say that they didn’t get along; it just felt like their priorities and philosophies weren’t ever completely clicking with Russ’. To hear this from Carroll makes me even more pumped for Sunday, and even though I’m inclined to take all praise he gives with a grain of salt, you only need to see his temperament and facial expressions (start at 2:13) when discussing the pair to understand my reaction.

While I am rather pessimistic about the Seahawks’ defense, this only adds to my optimism about Waldron, Wilson & co. Hopefully the Seahawks prove their offense deserves my optimism Sunday (and for that matter, that the defense does, too).