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Fans, players around the NFL show support for Quandre Diggs after gruesome injury

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Quandre Diggs has one of the best reputations in the NFL. He’s known as being an incredibly supportive teammate, a hard worker among a bunch of professionals, and a ruthless comedic presence.

So it’s no surprise that in the wake of his devastating exit to the 2021 season, support has flooded in for the Seattle Seahawks free safety.

Jordyn Brooks had some powerful words about his teammate and friend following the Week 18 win:

Anybody who knows Quandre knows he’s a hell of a competitor. The guy cares so much. If anybody has held me accountable this year, it’s been Quandre. It sucks watching him go down, it just made everybody fight a little bit harder.

Quandre Diggs and Tyler Lockett are best friends, so much so that Lockett is not returning home with the team. He will remain in Arizona to support Diggs through his surgery.

Diggs is very active online, and quickly took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the support and plans to return.

Players past, present, and across the country chimed in their support for Diggs.

I’m pretty sure this timestamp means Jamal Adams tweeted support for Diggs from the sidelines, before the game was even over.

Over 400 fans have joined in as well, and it’s still climbing. There are plenty of sentiments for him to return to Seattle as well, hoping he’ll get paid and remain a member of the defense for the future.

Diggs has now made the Pro Bowl in both of his full seasons with Seattle. His injury is a mind-numblingly bad blight on what was otherwise a remarkable finish to the season. The team played so well for the final two games, and we were getting a taste of what should have been as well as what could still be for the Seahawks.

The injury obviously puts a wrinkle in Diggs’ contract talks with any team. But it’s clear there is no shortage of love for Quandre Diggs. He has a broken fibula, which is the type of injury his agent will be able to contend for not impacting his future play. How that shakes out will be one of the top stories of the offseason to watch, but it would be organizational ineptitude of the highest order if Seattle lets him walk over a few dollars and an injury concern. This guy has been one of the best staples of the defense for three years and deserves a contract and a welcome back party.