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Seahawks sign Cody Thompson, Cade Johnson and ten others to future contracts

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 season is over for the Seattle Seahawks, closing out the year with a pair of offensive performances that were likely on par with what many fans had hoped for with the hire of Shane Waldron. In Week 17 it was a 51 points against the Detroit Lions and in Week 18 it was 38 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Unfortunately, it took until well too late in the season for the offense to begin clicking, by which time the Seahawks had been eliminated from postseason contention. With the season coming to a close Sunday, the practice squad was dissolved Monday, making the its members unrestricted free agents. However, the Hawks were quick to secure the services of a dozen members of the squad for 2022 with future contracts.

The twelve players signed to future contracts were

  • WR Cody Thompson
  • WR Matt Cole
  • WR Aaron Fuller
  • WR Cade Johnson
  • LB Aaron Donkor
  • G Pier-Olivier Lestage
  • T Greg Eiland
  • DT Jarrod Hewitt
  • DT Niles Scott
  • DT Myles Adams
  • LB Lakiem Williams
  • CB Mike Jackson

For those wondering what a future contract is, while the 2021 season is over, team rosters are still restricted to just 53 players until the new league year starts in March. At that time rosters expand to 90 spots for the offseason. A future contract is a contract for the player that does not go into effect until the 2022 NFL league year starts in March, and commits the player and team to a contract once rosters expand.