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Enemy Reaction 2021: Arizona Cardinals

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Seattle Seahawks’ involvement in the 2021 NFL season came to an end last Sunday, but they did impact the NFC playoff chase in their finale. Had the Arizona Cardinals won, they would’ve been division champions because the Los Angeles Rams bottled it against the San Francisco 49ers... but the Seahawks had other ideas. Arizona had the early lead, then a 3rd quarter lead, only to lose a game by a scoreline that honestly flatters them. Seattle was flat out better and they handed the Cardinals their fifth (!!!!) straight home loss.

It’s been a minute since Enemy Reaction involving the Cardinals actually had any relevance for Arizona in the playoff picture, so you’ll enjoy this one. Game thread comments are courtesy of Revenge of the Birds.

Zach Allen scoops and scores after Chandler Jones forces Russell Wilson fumble (7-0 AZ)

Seahawks equalize with Russell Wilson touchdown to Tyler Lockett (7-7)

Russell Wilson finds Tyler Lockett for his second touchdown (14-10 SEA)

James Conner ties it up for the Cardinals (17-17)

Russell Wilson gets picked off by Jalen Thompson (17-17)

James Conner gives Arizona the lead (24-17 AZ)

Freddie Swain left wide open for the tying touchdown (24-24)

Travis Homer forces Andy Lee to fumble the ball... twice (24-24)

Russell Wilson scrambles, rushes for the go-ahead touchdown (31-24 SEA)

Rashaad Penny clinches the win for the Seahawks (38-27 SEA, 38-30 SEA FINAL)

Post-Game Bonus: Meltdown!

Post-Game Bonus: When the Cardinals find out that the Rams lost

...And when we found out

Post-Game: Kliff Kingsbury cost the Cardinals the NFC West (Aarron Van Buren, Raising Zona)

Kingsbury electing to kick a field goal when trailing seven points instead of attempting a shot at the end zone from 12 yards away midway through the fourth quarter is a wimpy, pathetic bow-out strategy. It echoed the choice made by Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur during the 2020 NFC Championship when his team was down by eight.

Arizona cut the deficit to four points with the field goal, and then on Seattle’s very next offensive possession, Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny then took one 62 yards to the house. That’s right, Rashaad Penny did that. That’s the equivalent of letting the broken body guy from “SpongeBob SquarePants” score on you.


This insanity ride of thinking that Kingsbury has what it takes is starting to get insufferable to handle as Cardinals fans. Of course, his achievements are well-known, but at what cost is Arizona just becoming the new version of the Cincinnati Bengals during the Marvin Lewis era that went 0-7 in the playoffs in his tenure?

Crank the heat up on Kingsbury, and as fans, we demand answers as to why he can never get the team to perform down the stretch. Unfortunately, it appears that Christmas forgot about the Cardinals, as “decent crunch time decision-making head coach” is still on their wish list.

Post-Game Video: Cardinals blow it (Locked on Cardinals)

BONUS Enemy Reaction: The Colts miss the playoffs after losing to the Jaguars

BONUS Enemy Reaction: Chargers, Raiders, and Steelers fans react to the unbelievable finish

Mike Williams forces overtime (29-29)

Daniel Carlson sends the Raiders, Steelers to the playoffs, ends the Chargers’ season (35-32 LV Final)

Damn, that was fun! I mean the Seahawks’ season as a whole wasn’t very fun, but the game was fun as were the reactions from our game plus the Colts and Raiders games. There will be Enemy Reaction in the postseason but I haven’t decided which games will get the treatment apart from the Super Bowl.

Here’s to the Seahawks winning way more games in the 2022 season to keep me busy and to provide you with more Enemy Reactions!

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!