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Enemy Reaction Special Edition: 2022 NFL Divisional Round


It’s Enemy Reaction for the playoffs, and what a weekend we just had! Yeah there’s gonna be 49ers and Rams happiness here but you can deal with that for a week, can’t you? When you have four games decided on the final play you gotta recap the drama as much as possible.

In the interest of time and space, I’m gonna focus only on the 4th quarters (and overtime for Chiefs-Bills) of all of these matchups, as that’s where all the craziness was concentrated. Enjoy!

Cincinnati Bengals 19 Tennessee Titans 16

Ryan Tannehill’s untimely pick (16-16)

Evan McPherson’s money kick (19-16 CIN FINAL)

Oh really?!

San Francisco 49ers 13 Green Bay Packers 10

Worst special teams ever (10-10)

Robbie Gould haunts the Packers again (13-10 SF FINAL)

Los Angeles Rams 30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27

...You have the ball (27-13 LAR)

...No, you have the ball!! (27-13 LAR)

Cam Akers fumbles it back to the Bucs again (27-20 LAR)

Leonard Fournette ties it up (27-27)

...You might want to cover Cooper Kupp (27-27)

Matt Gay hits the game-winner, knocks out the defending champions (30-27 LAR FINAL)

Kansas City Chiefs 42 Buffalo Bills 36 (OT)

Gabriel Davis’ third touchdown (29-26 BUF)

Tyreek Hill outruns the Bills defense (33-29 KC)

Gabriel Davis “four” the win! (36-33 BUF)

....Yeah, except Patrick Mahomes begged to differ (36-36)

Patrick Mahomes wins it with touchdown pass to Travis Kelce (42-36 KC FINAL)

Bonus: Radio calls!

Wow. Some of the comments from the Chiefs and Rams threads (the teams that actually won!) were unbelievable.

We may never get another set of playoff endings like that again. By the way, I don’t remember the thread, but there were a couple of Packers fans on Acme Packing Company wanting Russell Wilson to replace Aaron Rodgers. Makes sense, as Wilson actually knows how to beat the 49ers.

We’ll have Enemy Reaction for the Conference Championship and Super Bowl weekend, and ideally I’m doing one that involves the NFC champion losing again.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!