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Seahawks have more all-time lists to climb before season’s end

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have nothing to play for as far as playoff implications or really saving face, as far as this year is concerned. What’s done is done, and the team needs a nice, long winter to sort things out.

But statistics can be a cheap substitute for mind-numbing alcohol cool, and the Seahawks do have a couple of all-time lists that a few members could climb in the final game.

DK Metcalf

After a blistering performance on Sunday, Metcalf needs just one touchdown to tie Daryl Turner for the 10th most receiving touchdowns in a player’s first three NFL seasons.

For our more established readers, that is indeed the same Daryl Turner, former member of the Seattle Seahawks from 1984-1987. That’s before my time but this dude really had 35 catches in ‘85 and 13 of them were touchdowns.


Pete Carroll

If Seattle beats the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, Carroll will pull away from Sean Payton as the 20th most winning coach in NFL history. 151 NFL wins is the target next week, and only Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, and Mike Tomlin are ahead of Carroll as active coaches. If the Pittsburgh Steelers lose next week and the Seahawks win, Carroll would finish the year just one win behind Tomlin.

Bobby Wagner

Even if he doesn’t step on the field in Week 18, he’s done the most Seahawk-y defensive stuff of anyone to ever do it in quite a few categories. However, he’s still chasing one cool one. If Wagner is able to get one more tackle for loss as a Seahawk, he’ll tie Michael Bennett for most in franchise history.

That number would be 69.

Football is nice.

The Team

For some other good news, Seattle’s defense is no longer on pace to set the NFL record for either total yards allowed or passing yards allowed, things they were threatening quite handily at the beginning of the year. In fact, they’re not even the worst team this year anymore, as the Baltimore Ravens have unseated them.

Finishing 7-10 with a win next week might actually disguise some of the utter dysfunction of the middle of this season, but there’s still some cool stuff to chase this year.

Go Hawks.