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Duane Brown now in this year’s Pro Bowl

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Add yet another Seattle Seahawk to this year’s Pro Bowl.

Duane Brown will also play this year after another late postseason player has backed out. This time, it’s Trent Williams from the San Francisco 49ers.

This gives the Seattle Seahawks four Pro Bowlers for the 2021 season in Quandre Diggs, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and Duane Brown.

Brown finished the season with the most penalties committed during his time in Seattle. Seven sacks is also his highest number since 2009, his second season.

Duane Brown is a tricky one moving forward. Holding in for much of the preseason and getting no contract extension, he’ll seek to use his fifth Pro Bowl as leverage in the ensuing negotiations. But it’s hard to say he overwhelmingly deserved the vote, despite an improved second half of the season. Whatever the Seahawks weren’t willing to pay him last year won’t likely be significantly more palatable next season. Not with some massive considerations ahead, such as Quandre Diggs and DK Metcalf.