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Seahawks over Cardinals: The win nobody wants?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The four horsemen of the apocalypse of lore come bearing destruction, riding on horses of pale, black, red and white.

What is supposed to be the difference between a pale horse and a white one, anyway?

Now that you’re deep in thought, according to any fan I encountered in 2021, the four horsemen of the Seattle Seahawks apocalypse came bearing destruction upon their favorite team. They rode the horses of Pete Carroll, John Schneider, Shane Waldron, and Ken Norton Jr.

By that I mean you will be extremely hard pressed to find and (honest) person who did not say at some point during this season that the organization should fire one of the horsemen.

Ken Norton went first, followed by Waldron, with Pete John dominating the middle of the race, only to have some weirdos on Twitter turn it into “trade DK Metcalf” for some unholy reason and those people need to be sent to the abyss immediately.

But what if Seattle wins?

What if this team finishes 7-10, which despite being a terrible combination of numbers and the first losing season in a decade, just absolutely does not feel as bad as 5-10 or 3-8.

You do realize at one point this team was 3-8 and we just continued to turn on our TVs like a bunch of idiots?

Week 18 is the win the team needs but more than a few people don’t want. I am not saying they want the outcome of the game to be a loss in the moment, because that’s not enjoyable.

But if the Seahawks finish on two wins, with a Russell Wilson who shows - even if only briefly - that he’s not permanently damaged - on a defense that did some interesting things minus a pass rush and several of its best players, that’s interesting. Add to that a remarkable five-game stretch from the world’s greatest running back in the world that the world has ever seen in Rashaad Penny, and oh boy lookout.

And what in the world was that a Cody Barton I saw making plays?!?

The point is this: if you are truly (be honest) part of the “Fire __________” crowd, because “it will make the team better,” winning out Week 18 is not good for you.

This team has shown in the second half that it’s really not that many pieces away from being competitive. Things unquestionably did not bounce their way this season. It’s quite easy to pinpoint big time bright spots on both offense (Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Gerald Everett, Jake Curhan, Penny, Damien Lewis) and defense (the corners, the young edge pair, the young linebacker pair, the safety pair, just a bunch of cute couples everywhere).

This is one bad season out of 10, when the QB tore something in his finger and thought he could just tape it back on three weeks later.

There’s no chance this franchise gets burned to the ground if they win against an albeit struggling 10-win divisional rival. Not with the way bits and pieces have come together for weeks now. It just hasn’t been complete.

Question is, would that be the right decision?


Do you still want somebody fired?

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