In Retrospect: Past Performance - One More Game


The Fate dot, if you could see it, would be at negative 4.4

Ring in the New Year -- Ring out the Defense

The defense has slipped the last two weeks into the Bad performance zone. They are going to have to turn that around to win.

I think the Seahawks can win even though Arizona turned their losing streak around last week.

Arizona average rounded points scored is 26 and allowed is 20.

Seahawks average rounded points scored is 22 and allowed is 21.


The zero line represents the opponent's season average points scored and allowed. The y-axis is also used to show Seahawk's actual game results for points scored and allowed.

Lines & Points

Green - Points scored (the single green triangle on the left y-axis is the average)

Yellow - Points allowed (the single yellow triangle on left y-axis is the average)

Red - Points scored vs opponent's points allowed season average

Blue - Points allowed vs opponent's points scored season average

Gray - Future Fate based on the season average of points scored and allowed for both teams

The usual disclamer applies. The graph does not take into account any short term circumstances such as;

- Injury/Sickness/COVID

- Home/Away

- 3 or 5 game trends

- Weather

- Any other influence that can influence the outcome