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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 13: Jake Heaps

The former pro quarterback, current radio host, and Russell Wilson’s personal QB coach sits down with Jacson and Mike

Got damn was this one fun! Jake Heaps, former professional QB and current co-host of the Jake and Stacy Show on 710 ESPN joined Mike and I in the Cigar Lounge for one of the best conversations we’ve had all year.

Jake gave us an incredible hour of his unique insight and understanding— both on the Seahawks and football at large. Join us as he dives deep into:

*Seattle’s blowout win over the Lions— and what is and isn’t sustainable about that performance

*The art of quarterbacking, and everything that goes into the most important position in American sports

*How important is the run game in today’s NFL?

*How Seattle’s offense may help or hurt Russell Wilson’s strengths and weaknesses

*And, of course, what he thinks Russell Wilson is looking for this offseason

All of that, and a whole lot more, in this week’s episode of The Cigar Thoughts Podcast. Check it:



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