A Boring Offseason

As much as I hope, and I'm sure a lot of Seahawks fans hope, this offseason will be anything but boring. However, based on the last several games (where Russell Wilson has been healthy) we appear to be headed to an offseason of minimal change.

Our offensive philosophy has always been run tough, play action. If the current team can prove that we can make that work against a playoff team in the Cardinals then there may be leeway granted this offseason for what has transpired through the middle of it.

Our defense is finally playing like they aren't the worst defense in the league by any metric other than points, Combine that with the above and the blueprint for how 2022 exceeds 2021 starts to come into focus,

Personally, I am hoping for some top end changes (not necessarily firings) but am preparing for the lack thereof. The personnel changes will be more telling of what the next season will look like.

Unless there is significant investment in our trenches I'm not holding out hope that next season will be another failed reset. But if we focus on running hard to develop the play action pass then maybe there is some hope after all. Otherwise this will be another lost season under Pete Carroll, his last.