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Russell Wilson hits another NFL milestone with his 113th career win

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The history books might put an asterisk on it since there was a 17th game this season, but heading into today’s game, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning were tied with 112 wins in their first 10 seasons, including playoffs.

And then the Seahawks knocked off the Arizona Cardinals and gave RW3 win number ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN!

Pete Carroll mentioned it in the post-game interview but it kind of flew under the radar before the game. had a small blurb about it on the scores page of their site, but that was really the only mention I saw (not that I spent a lot of time looking).

Including playoffs, that’s the most wins in NFL history (since at least 1950) over a quarterback’s first 10 seasons. Think about that for a minute.

In addition to the Wins record, Russell Wilson almost broke another record ... were it not for Gerald Everett dropping a gimme touchdown in the 2nd quarter, Wilson would have finished with 4 TD passes which would have given him 18 games with 4+ in his first 10 seasons. Instead, he settles for the tie with Peyton Manning and Dan Marino at 17 apiece.

For all the speculation about Wilson’s future ... how do you even think about trading him when he’s etching his name in the record books like this?