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Seahawks-Cardinals game time will be moved back if Mariners play on Sunday

The Mariners are playing the Astros in the MLB playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

There was speculation earlier in the week about the Seattle Seahawks home game against the Arizona Cardinals will be moved back this Sunday if the Mariners are playing at the same time. On Wednesday that rumor was confirmed.

The Mariners are currently down one game to zero against the Houston Astros in a best-of-five series and are scheduled to play Saturday at home, as well as Sunday if a Game 4 is forced. If Houston wins the next two games, there will be no Mariners game on Sunday, therefore in that scenario the Seahawks would start their game at their originally scheduled time of 1:05 pm Pacific.

But if the Mariners win at least one of the next two games, there will be a home game for the Mariners at T-Mobile Park on Sunday at noon. And if that occurs the Seahawks will square off against the Cardinals at 2:30pm.

There is a chance that this will not be officially decided until less than 24 hours before kickoff, so it will be a story to follow over the next couple of days.