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Tyler Lockett limited in practice with a hamstring injury

NFL: OCT 09 Seahawks at Saints Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Thursday the Seattle Seahawks took to the practice field ahead of hosting the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6, and the injury report was certainly not short. Typically, the number of players who did not participate in practice is smallest for Wednesday practice, with veterans getting in their rest days, and the team playing it careful with less severe injuries.

However, this week the injury report went from seven members of the team who did not participate or were limited to eleven who did not practice or were limited on Thursday. In particular, the new names that were added to the list overnight were Tyler Lockett, Artie Burns, Joey Blount and Darrell Taylor.

Burns is listed with a groin injury, so it could be a reaggravation of his prior injury, while Taylor was added to the report with a neck injury. The most concerning of the injuries, however, could be Lockett, who was limited in practice by a hamstring, and whose absence on Sunday could potentially be severely limiting for the Seattle offense.

Obviously, there’s still plenty of time between now and Sunday, but the injury news does not seem to be getting any better this week.