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Podcast: The 2022 Seahawks quarter(ish) season review

Five games down, 12 to go.

NFL: OCT 09 Seahawks at Saints Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks sit at 2-3 in the NFC West, which contrary to projections looks pretty ordinary at the moment. Through five games of the post-Russell Wilson era, the Seahawks are numero uno in offensive DVOA, but sit a staggering 31st in defensive DVOA. If the Seahawks had even a mediocre defense they might be atop the division and Geno Smith could even be generating some MVP hype with how surprisingly well he’s performed. Alas, 2-3 puts the Seahawks on pace to just about hit the six-win total many expected them to top out at.

Field Gulls Podcast hosts Dan Viens and Dayna O’Gorman teamed up for a review of the Seahawks’ first five games. The positives and negatives are covered, and they also ask whether or not the defense can improve any time soon after such a disappointing start.

Listen in the audio player below:

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