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Twitter reacts to Tariq Woolen and the Seahawks’ defensive redemption

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Apparently nobody told rookie Tariq Woolen that the Seattle Seahawks are supposed to be bad at defense. Ditto for fellow first year corner Coby Bryant. And thank everything that is good in this world that these guys have been able to drown out the static, because these guys are doing everything in their power to pull the team together and tear apart opposing offenses. Or, at least, they are doing their part to tear the football away from opposing offensive players. And people are taking notice.

Of course, they weren’t the only rookies to make waves in the Seahawks’ first divisional victory of the season. The Seahawks draft class of ‘22 is getting rave reviews around the league, especially from some familiar faces.

The defense in general looked like an entirely different unit today, and the drive outcomes back this up.

Yes, the above tweet may be partially (wholly?) in jest, but improvements sometimes come incrementally But the defense is only part of the story today, as first year running back Kenneth Walker III broke the century mark in total yards and looked solid doing it. While I am still shedding tears for Rashaad Penny, I imagine that he is happy to see his understudy-turned-featured-back having a breakout game like he did today.

Now, you might assume that Walker was the fastest ball carrier on the field today. But he was not. In fact, he wasn’t even the fastest ball carrier on his team, today.

Too bad Geno Smith isn’t very athletic, says nobody anywhere anymore. Of course, the offense didn’t display the aerial dominance that it has in previous weeks, but it is great to see this team be able to pull out a victory without Geno Smith having to put up gaudy passing stats.

And of course there is this: