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The roller coaster of Seahawks kicker Jason Myers is back on top

Myers didn’t miss a kick against the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks scored their first touchdown near the end of the game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6. The bulk of their offense came from the leg of Jason Myers, who was a strong cap casualty consideration this summer.

The up-and-down trend of Myers career may always continue, but for right now he’s back way, way up.

It helps ease the pain of cash considerations. Which, by the way, why do we care so much anyway? Not your money.

Myers made all four of his kicks on Sunday, bringing his season total to 12/13. That’s 5th in the NFL this season, and his 92.3% success rate is third among all kickers with at least eight attempts.

Per OverTheCap, Myers is currently on the last year of his contract, which, while incredibly NFL average, is one of the highest this particular season at $5 million in 2022. None of it guaranteed; hence the earlier conversation.

But that number does make him the 4th most expensive kicker this year. He’s 14th at his $3.86m per year average over the course of this deal, but the back end is always the, um, kicker.

If you’re going to pay top-5 dollar for a kicker it is at least nice to have top-5 kicker results. This offense is good enough to get down the field quite a bit, and while Geno Smith and company have been better than the four stalled drives against Arizona, this team has suddenly found themselves tied (again) for first in a terrible division. They could “rebuild” to their hearts’ content and weasel their way into the playoff conversation.

If they do that, I want 2020 / 2022 Jason Myers, and not the 2021 bad-for-blood-pressure version.