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Twitter reacts to wild Seahawks-Lions shootout: Geno Smith, MVP candidate?!

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Hawks win!!! The Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions went head to head in a Big 12 style shootout that featured 60 straight minutes of high-scoring offenses overpowering virtually non-existent defenses. The final statline shows that each team finished with more than 500 yards of total offense, putting a combined total of 93 points on the board in a game that was ultimately decided by 3 points. Needless to say, this game got the internet talking. But first:

Once again, the offense got rolling early and put some points on the board, and this week they didn’t let up until they were in the victory formation.

The team got their tight ends involved early and often, hitting Will Dissly and Noah Fant for both of Geno Smith’s TDs on the day.

Geno Smith continues to impress, as the offense again looked like it was far and away the strongest part of this squad; unlike their first three weeks, they didn’t let up in the second half. Officially, the team scored 24 points in each half. Of course, 6 of these were from Woolen’s pick 6, but still... this Seahawks offense looks like it can score, and people are taking notice.

Of course, all this offensive success wasn’t without its downsides... for example, Michael Dickson didn’t punt. At all. And that is literally a first in his career.

And some of you may be excited to know... Scorigami is back!

Then there was that Tyler Lockett “whistle” debacle...

Which led to this play:

Speaking of Penny... he put up his best statline of the season and looked reminiscent of Shaun Alexander at times with his ability to be a home run threat any time he touched the ball.

DK Metcalf made his presence felt in ways outside of the restroom issues, as well. You may recall he had some things to say about Jeff Okudah before the game...

While he had a quiet start, Metcalf backed up his talk and definitely got the better of Okudah on the day, as he had his best game of the season after a quiet start to 2022.

Of course, the team wasn’t without its struggles... The defense was absolutely getting roasted, as T.J. Hockenson and Josh Reynolds repeatedly found huge gains against the porous pass coverage. In a game where multiple of the opponent’s offensive playmakers were out or limited, this was absolutely ridiculous. And people noticed.

Still, Tariq Woolen opened quarter three by doing this, so it wasn’t all bad:

And DK Metcalf put the fear into the entire fanbase when reports started swirling of his mysterious trip to the locker room...

Which of course turned out to be as innocent and innocuous as anyone could possibly have hoped.

I think it is fair to say: both fanbases struggled to watch their team’s defense today, as the scoring onslaught was fun but stressful for all.

Jamal Adams was quick to react and show some support for his team!

All in all, a win is a win, and a win on the road is great. The Seattle Seahawks are back at .500 after a couple tough weeks. Even more than that, the team went out and had some fun on Sunday morning; they didn’t back down from a high-scoring game, and they ultimately outlasted their opponents. On to New Orleans!