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Seahawks put up all the points, go puntless in Detroit

First time in franchise history they don’t punt all game

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions
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David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

Forty-eight points is not an all-time Seattle Seahawks scoring record, no matter how sacred that number may be in franchise lore. Remember the fifty-point explosions in back-to-back weeks late in 2012 (a slightly different era)? Or the last time these two teams met?

What is new, though, is how they got there. Seattle did not punt the ball, not even once, on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. First puntless game in all-time franchise history, exactly when some might expect it the least.

The Seahawks had punted once in a game on 21 different occasions. Most recently against the... Lions.

That means that between the Week 17 game against Detroit last season, which the Hawks won 51-29, and the game Sunday, the Seahawks have scored 99 points against the Lions during the current calendar year. As for no punts, it adds another accomplishment to the Geno Smith-led Seahawks offense, which apparently can not be contained, except by itself. They would’ve re-scored fifty, too, if Jason Myers hadn’t shanked a 39-yard bunny in the third quarter.

Michael Dickson will have to get work another week. That’ll probably happen.