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Another data point in the Geno Smith contract discussion

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are 3-3 as the 2022 NFL trade deadline draws near, and the discussion among many fans is what kind of move, or moves, the team could make to improve its chances of competing this season. However, looking past the discussion about whether the team should or should not make a move in order to upgrade for this year, the major question for the Hawks to address in the offseason is coming more into focus with each week that Geno Smith continues to excel.

Specifically, in recent weeks several pundits have weighed in on the matter, including Eric Eager, formerly of PFF and now of Sumer Sports.

For those unfamiliar, the Ryan Tannehill contract to which this discussion refers was a 4-year, $118M contract signed in 2020 that including $62M fully guaranteed at signing. Adjusting that contract as a percentage of the cap for the projected $226M cap for 2023, such a contract would likely translate to something along the lines of $135M-$140M over four years, with $65M-$70M fully guaranteed at signing.

Also weighing in on the subject recently was Corbin Smith of All Seahawks Fan Nation, who offered several different options.

Lastly, and most recently, has now updated their site to include valuations based on an algorithm that uses various inputs, including PFF grades, to generate a performance valuation metric that estimates how much their on-field performance is worth in contract terms. And, for those fans who balked at the $31.497M cap number associated with the franchise tag, well, the OTC number likely won’t sit very well either.

(Author’s Note: The valuation is in the bottom of the image in the embedded tweet, and is not visible without expanding the image within the tweet.)

So, with 11 regular season games left to go, there is still plenty of time for Smith to play himself out of such a pricey contract, but with each week in which he continues to perform, his price during the 2023 offseason only continues to solidify, if not increase.