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‘Thursday Night Football’: Picks, odds and open thread for Saints-Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

It’s evening on Friday Eve, and that means just one thing: Thursday Night Football. This week the NFL gifts its fans with a matchup that sees the New Orleans Saints head west to take on the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams enter the game 2-4, though if the season ended today the Saints would be the 11th seen in the NFC by way of conference winning percentage tiebreaker while the Cardinals would be 13th due to the way those tiebreakers fall.

In any case, while these two teams attempt to right their respective ship, the other two teams in the NFC West will be facing off against the top teams in the AFC West during the late slot Sunday afternoon. The Seattle Seahawks travel south to take on the Los Angeles Chargers, while the San Francisco 49ers will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. Given the competition the rest of the division is facing, that could make Week 7 the most productive week of the season for the Los Angeles Rams, who have a bye this week.

This game is likely to be the first Thursday game that is not an absolute snooze fest. Week 6 was the showdown slowdown between the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders that ended 12-7, while Week 5 treated fans to the debacle that was the Indianapolis Colts winning 12-9 over the Denver Broncos.

And so, since you’re all here for the staff picks for this game, here they are.

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