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Enemy Reaction 2022: Chargers, Broncos, and 49ers tripleheader!

All the anger under one roof!

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks finally have a win at SoFi Stadium, albeit against the Los Angeles Chargers and not the Rams (that’s to come in December). A 17-0 lead nearly evaporated in next to no time at all, but the Seahawks showed tremendous resolve and pulled away late for a comfortable 37-23 victory against the first team they’ve played all year with a winning record. That win also puts Seattle in top spot of the NFC West for the first time since opening day.

For the second week in a row we’re going for an Enemy Reaction tripleheader. It’s the Chargers game first, followed by the Broncos’ latest defeat, and then capped off by the 49ers loss to the Chiefs. Enjoy!

Geno Smith intercepted by Kenneth Murray, but Chargers don’t take advantage (0-0)

Marquise Goodwin scores the game’s first touchdown (7-0 SEA)

Ryan Neal picks off Justin Herbert (7-0 SEA)

Kenneth Walker III for six! (14-0 SEA)

Darrell Taylor strip sacks, recovers Justin Herbert fumble, leading to field goal (17-0 SEA)

Austin Ekeler scores to put the Chargers back in it (17-7 SEA)

Dee Eskridge drops toss, Chargers recover (17-7 SEA)

Mike Williams gets into the end zone (17-14 SEA)

Marquise Goodwin makes his second touchdown grab of the game (24-14 SEA)

Kenneth Walker III tackled in end zone for safety (27-16 SEA)

Kenneth Walker III for the dagger (37-16 SEA, 37-23 SEA FINAL)

Post-Game: The Chargers need a receiver (Jason Reed, Bolt Beat)

This is something that should have been done weeks ago. In fact, it should have been done when Jalen Guyton tore his ACL in Week 3 and was declared out for the rest of the year. The depth behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams simply is not good enough, especially with Joshua Palmer not having a great season.

Allen finally returned in Week 7 but was on a snap count and did not play in the second half. Palmer missed the game with a concussion but it should not be a long-term injury. Mike Williams rolled his ankle under a Seattle defender in the second half and will likely miss a few weeks with an ankle sprain.

This team needs help. If Williams is out and Palmer misses the next game it will be Allen and a bunch of practice squad receivers — literally. If Palmer returns that helps but he has not been that great and there is still a depth problem behind them.

The Chargers need someone who can actually make a difference. They don’t need someone like John Hightower where we can get excited about his 40-time but he doesn’t actually make a difference. The Chargers need a legitimate NFL wide receiver for their star quarterback to throw to.

There certainly are options for the Chargers to explore so there are no excuses if they don’t make this addition. If they don’t, it is simply roster malpractice and Tom Telesco should receive even more criticism than he has already gotten.

Bonus Reactions: Denver Broncos

Bonus Reactions: San Francisco 49ers

Enemy Preaction: New York Giants

When we made our predictions for the Seahawks’ season I said this team would go 6-11 and that a lot had to go right for them to be a good team, namely Geno Smith and/or Drew Lock playing above bottom-ten level, the offensive line continuing to play as well as they did in preseason, and the NFC West having a downturn. All of that has materialized and then some, and at the moment the Seahawks look like a good team with a defense that is starting to figure some things out after a horrid start.

The Giants might be scraping by in all of their wins but 6-1 is 6-1 and they present some fascinating challenges for Seattle. Wink Martindale loves to blitz, so the Seahawks have to be prepared to deal with that relentless pressure in ways they weren’t against the Arizona Cardinals. The run defense will also be dealing with Saquon Barkley, which is a hell of a lot different than Austin Ekeler running behind a weak offensive line. Two years ago this matchup was a low point in the Seahawks season, and now it’s a matchup with playoff implications for both teams. Who’d have thunk?

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!