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Uchenna Nwosu now leads the NFL in pressures

The first-year Seahawk has been a big success.

Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 37-23 during a NFL football game. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Geno Smith is not the only resurgence story on the Seattle Seahawks this year.

Uchenna Nwosu, who was a good player with the Los Angeles Chargers for four years, has taken a big step forward with his new team.

He generated a career-high 11 QB pressures (insane) on Sunday, on the way to a new league-leading 31 this season.

Nwosu admitted that it was a big deal to play his former team, who declined his option and refused to re-sign him in the 2022 offseason. It was extra special to perform well against the Chargers in Week 7.

Nwosu’s career high in sacks is five from last season, and he’s already got three. He’s also well past halfway to new career best numbers in QB hits, tackles, and passes knocked down.

That 15% pressure rate is big time over the past four seasons, and even more intriguing, the team’s got him for at least one more year.

Nwosu is signed with Seattle through the 2023 season. He’s been a massive addition to the team for the first year of this turnaround, and I’m very interested to see if he’ll be on the roster even longer.