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Watch: DK Metcalf is an elite salesman (just ask Adoree’ Jackson)

This is how you sell a route on a running play.

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Have a look at Seattle Seahawks rookie Kenneth Walker III’s game-sealing touchdown run against the New York Giants from the television angle.

If you pay attention to the bottom of the screen, DK Metcalf is matched up with corner Adoree’ Jackson, and you’d probably assume that Metcalf had basically blocked Jackson out of the play and Walker had a path to the end zone once he got past the tackle attempt of Xavier McKinney.

Well... that’s not what happened.

Metcalf actually runs a slant route, then wait for it... wait for it... we’ve got first-hand footage from a fan who was at Lumen Field.

Metcalf breaks to the outside and continues his route, carrying his fake so perfectly that he mimed waiting for an over the shoulder grab. As Walker reversed direction — an ad-lib since that’s definitely how the play was designed — and sprinted towards the goal line, Jackson was caught hook, line, and sinker defending a non-existent throw to DK.

Adoree’ certainly had a hell of an afternoon! He started the day with a pass defensed, a forced fumble on Tyler Lockett with a subsequent recovery, and ended it by biting on a Lockett double move for the go-ahead touchdown, followed by Metcalf faking him out on the Walker touchdown.

Give DK an Academy Award for that faux sluggo! This particular piece of film now supplants his pretend block on Alex Anzalone on Rashaad Penny’s TD run in Detroit.

We also must shoutout Geno Smith, who’s had two instances of fakes that resulted in first down runs for Kenneth Walker III.

You love to see it.