Stat Summary, Week 4, 2022

DVOA is now adjusting for opponent strength so we'll see how that affects the rankings. A basically impeccable offensive week and an almost wholly peccable defensive week will probably change all the rankings a bit.

I have added DVOA variance to the tracked data because the offense is so far very boom or bust (a different kind of boom or bust than previous years, but still highly unpredictable).

Previous weeks


  • 13th overall (+8)
  • 3rd offense (+9)
    • 3rd passing (+8)
    • 8th rushing (+14)
    • 27th variance (not tracked last week)
  • 31st defense (-1)
    • 32nd passing (-1)
    • 19th rushing (+2)
    • 5th variance (not tracked last week)
  • 10th special teams (-7)


  • 24th overall (+1)
  • 3rd offense (+5)
  • 32nd defense (-2)


  • 4th offense (+8), 2nd this week
    • 3rd passing (+7), 1st this week
    • 20th rushing (-1), 16th this week
  • 31st defense (+0), 3rd this week
    • 31st passing (+1), 2nd this week
    • 23rd rushing (+1), 16th this week

Clearly there is a goof in the EPA/play calculations for the week four defense. I'll run them again tomorrow to see if they get corrected.

Hopefully we'll see some greater consistency from the offense. Scoring 0 points week two then putting up 41 points week four makes their overall quality very difficult to guess. We've seen great consistency from the defense, but sadly it's the worst kind. Hopefully we'll see a little less consistency from them?